Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Due Date

Well, the "due date" has come and gone. It was yesterday. Baby is still inside, but I imagine he or she will come out in the next week or so...

I'll let you know.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Miss me??

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately.

I'm looking forward to this baby being born, and I guess I've just been preoccupied with my day to day stuff... not exciting, but time consuming.

The due date is less than a week away. Next Monday, the 29th. Hopefully sooner rather than later... 

In other news, the kids are growing, and this year, the Christmas celebrating is really fun. We have a handful of good christmas story books, and the other day Abe and I went to a Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange, and I came home with a kids nativity play set. It's really nice with a stable and all the pieces wonderfully colorful and plastic. (You know, so they don't get broken by these busy kids.) They love it.

We'll be sure to update when the baby is born. And I'm quite sure there will be pictures soon...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh, yeah.

I had wanted to post about our weather. Usually that would be boring, but it's really something else here...

Saturday it hit 86. It was quite humid, too. By late afternoon I was tempted to turn on the A/C. I resisted and things cooled down as the sun went down. 

Sunday we woke up to a cool morning, but I don't even think you could guess what our "high" was... Are you ready for this? 55 !! 55 degrees. It dropped 30 degrees overnight. I was surprised.

Monday was cool, too. And I think today it got up to about 70. 

This is the weirdest December ever.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I'd say the countdown has begun! 

My due date is three weeks from today, so we should have a new baby to ooh and ahh over in just a few weeks. How exciting.

I'm so excited for Theona being a big sister of a new baby again. The other day we were sitting together and the baby was noticeably moving A LOT and she giggled and said to be "Hey, the baby is walkin' in there!" So fun.

And I don't know if Jecoa is gonna be totally surprised or what, but it's gonna be great. He's gonna be a great big brother!

Now, are we having a baby brother or sister?? Oh, the anticipation...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sick Week

Well, we caught a cold at church last weekend.

I was in the nursery, and a little boy (who LOVES to play with Jecoa) was coughing and sneezing and not looking so well. I suggested he not stay in the nursery, but I was told he "wasn't contagious". 

Well, both the kids were sick with runny noses and coughs and obviously not feeling well within the next couple days.  And then me, but thankfully not Abe. 

Today both the kiddos are pretty much back to normal. Theona seems totally well. Jecoa has a little cough left, but he slept all night last night without being woken by his cough. I'm hoping I'm back to normal in the next couple days. It's tough not feeling well, and being so pregnant and chasing two busy kids.

One great thing I realized is that the last time I was sick was last November (Yep, 2007) with strep throat. Wow. I'm so thankful for a strong immune system. I love that I rarely get sick. I think it makes the down times a little more tolerable, knowing they are few and far between... I just have to get us all totally well before new baby is born!