Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh, yeah.

I had wanted to post about our weather. Usually that would be boring, but it's really something else here...

Saturday it hit 86. It was quite humid, too. By late afternoon I was tempted to turn on the A/C. I resisted and things cooled down as the sun went down. 

Sunday we woke up to a cool morning, but I don't even think you could guess what our "high" was... Are you ready for this? 55 !! 55 degrees. It dropped 30 degrees overnight. I was surprised.

Monday was cool, too. And I think today it got up to about 70. 

This is the weirdest December ever.

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Poiema said...

Oh my! We've had below zero weather this month, and a white Christmas. It's hard for me to imagine running the a/c in December. I am actually running a little space heater in my bedroom because the furnace doesn't keep me warm enough.
Blessings to your family!