Saturday, May 23, 2009

The BIG Tractor.

The other day, the kids went out with their Papa after he got home from work. Apparently, they played, picked flowers and jumped in the front yard.
(Look at that girl jumping! She's been really into jumping as high as she can. Maybe she'll be a volleyball player.)
They've been really into action songs lately. One favorite is: Jumping up and down, Jumping up and down, Jumping up and down, shout Hosanna!
I'm pretty sure that was sung at some point here.
(Look, Jecoa got some air! He's a good jumper.)
Then they took a walk, and now that I see these pictures I understand why the Big hole and BIG tractor have been the hot topics of conversation for the last couple days. (Tractors and big trucks have been exciting lately. There have been a lot around since there is a park being built on one side of us and a new sub-division on another side.)
Yeah, I guess it was big!


Poiema said...

It is so fun to see the new pictures. I cannot believe how BIG Theona and Jecoa are! And the little guy is so handsome. Your grocery store adventures bring back so many memories. My first 3 are 18 mo. apart and I remember having the cart so full of babies that there was no room for the food. Grocery shopping is the "BIG" outing at this season of life. But it passes so quickly! I'm glad you are savoring/enjoying this stage in your family's journey. You are loved!

Kathryn said...

Aww.. thanks. Good encouragement. The cart full of memory makes me smile. The other day we got everybody inside, then I realized I didn't have room to put anything in! Ha ha! We rearranged and found some extra space. It's such a fun, silly time with three littles!