Monday, March 22, 2010


I often tend to take things too seriously... no really, I do. Most of my friends and family would tell you this is true (Well, maybe not some of my family, 'cause I think I got it from them!) My husband is a big jokester, so he's made me loosen up a little. Still, I have my serious moments, and the last week or so, I've been in an especially literal and serious mood.

All this to tell this story: Yesterday, I taught Sunday School at my little church. We usually have the same 5-7 children in the younger class (three of them mine), but we had two little boys, brothers, visiting. We were having our worship time and after the first few songs I began asking the children if they wanted to pick a song.

I asked the older of the brothers, "Would you like to pick a song?" the younger one quickly said to him, "Say, 'No,'" (which I took as "Say, No"-the title of the song). I replied with "I don't think I've heard that one, could you tell us how it goes?"

No sooner had the words escaped my lips, than I realized they weren't picking a song, but instead giving me a hard time and not picking a song. ::blush:: We had a little giggle and moved on, with me a little more relaxed.

But seriously, note to self: LOOSEN UP!

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