Monday, May 14, 2007

My Screaming Girl

So the girlie has found that screaming is fun (for HER!). But for me, not so much. She likes to scream at the cat, which she thinks is hillarious, but terrifies my poor 10 year old "Sal". She screams at me when I want to change her diaper, but I'm discovering I can easily encourage her helpfulness and avoid some of these ear numbing shrieks, by just letting her get the diaper and lay herself down. This doesn't work everytime, but we're practicing. She sometimes screams in the car just because. Any my very least favorite is the protesting scream when we're somewhere like church, or really any public place. That's the worst scream, too. It's just so loud and defiant.

Day before yesterday, we went to a Mother/Daughter Tea (I know, I'm adventurous with a 16 month old!!) of course she totally screamed while someone else was getting ready to sing a song, but she sat so nicely on her chair and ate a cracker while I participated in a skit (Yes, I was terrified that leaving her in a chair across the room would turn into chaos, the Lord is gracious to me!). All in all it was great fun, even though the brief screaming stint offended the lady next to us... part of life with a toddler, I guess.

She is talking a lot, and when I ask her to use her words, she usually has one! (Most often "please") I'm quite impressed by that. She's a good girl, and she's gonna be a great big sis, but I'm afraid her new brother isn't gonna know what to think of her if she doesn't quiet her little voice down! Ahh, what crazy fun we are looking forward to. TWO babies!!

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