Friday, June 1, 2007

Due Date!

Well, this baby in my belly has stayed for his due date. I kind of expected that. I know it will be soon now. I'm thankful that the Lord has kept him safe so far, and I know he will bring him out in His time. How exciting that we will be having a baby so soon. Probably within the week.

I was thinking about "nesting" and thinking about the Lord's return. I realize that if I was really convinced the Lord was comming tomarrow (or maybe tonight!!), I would be preparing differently. I get a little anxious each night when I go to bed, thinking about the things I should have finished today or the things I REALLY need to get done tomarrow (and I hope I have time). Leaving a mess downstairs is unbearable! I don't want to wake up to contractions, have a baby, then be worried about how untidy I left the house... I definately want the Lord to impress on my heart a sense of urgency for his comming. I know He's comming soon, and I believe "it might be today", but I haven't been acting like I believe it. I need this fire stirred up in my heart to share the gospel, tell people boldly that Jesus loves them. I don't want to waste my time with this and end up leaving my circle of influence unaffected. I better make sure things are in order in this area, too.

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