Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jeecoa Stats

Jecoa Caleb was born at 11:38 on Friday night.

We weighed him today when I visited the midwife. He's 8 lbs 4 oz! He was probably over eight and a half when he was born, but we would have guessed less. And only 18 inches long.

He's so precious.

He looks a little like Theona, but A LOT like his papa! He definitely has his eyes, and nose, and toes, AND HAIR! It's sooo funny. He's pretty covered in hair. He's got fuzzy dark hair on his arms and legs and back and forehead. He has quite a bit of hair on his head too, but not a big ol' mohawk like his sister did.

He's amazing, and sister loves him. She's amazing, too.

Well, more to come later... I have the very important job of snuggling this sweet baby. I'm off to that...

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