Friday, June 15, 2007

One Week Ago Today

One week ago today, even this very hour, I was laboring. I was working very hard to birth my baby boy.

It's funny how quickly the joy of this new baby replaces any memories of pain and fuzzes all that hard work to make it seem so far off. I'm so pleased that we chose to birth in such a natural way.

My baby was born at home. He was greeted into the waiting hands of his Mommy and shortly after, was met by the loving embrace of his Papa. It was perfect. It was awesome and intimate. And it was SAFE.

I truly believe that natural, unassisted, unhindered birth is safe. My body, that God made able to conceive this child, that kept him safe, and, thankfully, grew him 'til he was ready to be born, was able to birth him. That should be expected. What sense would it make that my could do all the other parts except birth?

I realize that unexpected things can happen in this delicate process, and in that situation we can be thankful for doctors and medicine. But, this should be the exception, NOT the rule. Why should I live in fear when I've made sure I'm healthy, my baby has been healthy, and I know my body works? Why should I be fearful when I've asked my Lord what steps to take and he has spoken to me? I would rather live in FAITH than in fear. I would rather trust the Lord and the wisdom He's given me. I've educated myself. I know what's expected, and what's normal. I know that this is normal.

It is normal, and should be called normal that my husband and I would be present for the birth of this baby. It should be called normal that I listen to my body and follow the natural signals that God has provided. It should be called normal that my body works, that BIRTH WORKS!

I'll write his birth story soon. I look forward to it. It's a beautiful story that has me amazed at my Lord. He's so faithful, so worthy of praise. For now, I'll be snuggling this sweet baby boy.

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