Thursday, November 15, 2007

Calvary Chapel Corvallis

Okay, I hope no one gets the wrong idea about this post, but here goes.

We went to Calvary Chapel Corvallis tonight. I really wanted to go to church tonight, but of course I ended up sitting in the nursery. I am in such a mood. Anyway, it was okay, and I saw a boy I went to high school. The people were nice, and the worship was really cool. It was a baby grand and a keyboard and a girl on djembe. I was only in for a couple songs.

The silly thing was when we got there they didn't want me to go into the sanctuary with the kids. They directed us to a "family room" I was quite annoyed. It had a silly ol' tv on the wall, and the girlie just kept crying "I want church. I want church." I took her down to the nursery and though I had a good time I would have liked to go to church.

The one thing that I was just terribly impressed with was the building. They had just moved into their brand new building. It's up on a hill and the whole front is glass. there's a long foyer the length of the building, and huge, beautifully finished barn doors that open to the Sanctuary. It is really a beautiful building. The whole lower floor is the education wing (like, sunday school class rooms and such). It's really nice, and the church seems to have grown since I was there last; it should suit them nicely.

Oh, I found some pictures. This is kind of how it looked when we went for Wednesday evening service. And here is a picture where you can kind of see the doors.

Well, that's about it. If you're ever in Corvallis, OR...

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