Friday, July 25, 2008

Too long.

It has been a long time, and I feel like I really have some catching up to do with the people I keep up with here.

About a month ago, maybe closer to two months, actually, our computer was acting up and the hard drive ended up crashing. (We knew it was coming, but still, always a bummer.)

During that time we were looking for a new apartment to move to a little further north in the city. We ended up finding a place that would work for us and the very day we signed the lease, not three hours later, Abe's boss called and asked if we were up for the transfer we had been waiting to hear about to Texas! We accepted. It was Friday and they were asking that we arrive in time for Abe to start the next Thursday!

We were already in the process of packing, but we had a lot left to do. We are so thankful to our friends from church who came Sunday afternoon to help us finish packing and load the truck so we could be on our way Monday afternoon.

So, now we live in Texas. We're all the way south to the Mexico border, but not quite at the tip. We like it.

It's been a little hard with no real connections. We haven't quite found a church, but we have felt the Lord calling us to start a bible study. We wanted to start last Wednesday, but decided to postpone the real beginning because of Dolly (the hurricane) being in town.

So, I guess that's about all the news I have for now. Hopefully there will be pictures to come, but for now our computer is still having little issues. We think maybe the new hard drive Abe installed is defective. We're still trying to figure all that out, so I'll let you know when we have an answer...


Kent said...

It is very good to be able to read the latest news about your family. I hope and pray that you find brothers and sisters to helpl strengthen you during this transition. Suddenly moving to a new state with two young kids seems like a very big deal to me.

Julia said...

Hi there. I had a funny feeling you might have moved - it seemed like your last place was a bit temporary. Do you think you'll be in Texas for a long time? I'm all for you being on the west coast somewhere again eventually. I think there's a decent chance Pamela and Charles will both end up in Southern California after college, my parents are in Oregon, and we have several friends in BC in Canada. So take your pick. I or maybe we will be coming to Oregon for Pamela's wedding next summer, by the way. Love you.

Kent said...

Hey Vive,

Sam tells me you called today, sorry we missed you. I was going to write an e-mail, but I couldn't find your address. So we will see if this comment gets through to you.

Barbara and Samuel and I leave for Africa on October 4 to visit Julia, Viggo, and Daniel for a couple of weeks. Of course we are very excited about the whole deal.

Kent (