Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"BOB" Party

(B.O.B. is the little blue guy with the eyeball.)

Yesterday was Jecoa's birthday. What a fun day we had!

We went out early and looked at a house we are interested in buying. It's a nice one. The kids like it, too.

We ran by the dollar store and picked up a couple things. Water toys and balloons.

We came home and did normal stuff. During nap time I finished the B.O.B. cupcakes (from Monsters vs. Aliens), added water to our little pool, made salsa and filled water balloons.

Sadly, the kids we invited weren't able to make it, but a couple grown up friends we invited and the kids had a great time with each other any way.

The B.O.B. cupcakes were fun. Jecoa said he wanted a "B.O.B. Party" after seeing some party plates at the store. It was a fun choice. And he kept saying "B.O.B. cake!" It was very cute. (Also I thought the whole theme worked out pretty well because Abe grilled and the kids played in the pool. In the movie the Monsters all went to a BBQ and swimming summer kind of party at Susan's house after they were released from captivity... maybe you gotta see the movie to follow all that ;) The water balloons were a first for them, and they were a huge hit. Theona asked what they were for and I told her we could throw them and pop them. See looked a little sad then asked, "Could we put them in the pool?!" I said sure, so as soon as it was pool time, she put them all in. They liked swimming around with a bunch of water balloons. Funny.

Abe got his big boy a tool set. He loved them. I think his favorite is the hammer. Theona declaired, "These are like Home Depot!" They have both been figuring out how to use them. Jecoa will stay occupied going around with his pretend nail and hammer and hammering everything. So far I've only said "no" to hammering the computer and the guitar....

So, that was the big "2". I can hardly believe it's been 2 years. I miss the place we lived and the friends we had near us when he was born. I hope we'll get to visit you all soon.

Happy birthday my big boy!

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