Friday, June 5, 2009

The old computer and the NEW ONE!

(Explaining my absence.)

We've had some computer problems.

For almost the last year our main computer has been my sister's old laptop. Our Mac laptop is almost dead. (It's a rare day that it works...and then only for a few minutes. It's been like that for a year, so it was, uh, retired.) Abe really would like to get a new Mac, but there have been other things to save for, so we've put that off for now. My sis's old Dell does the job.

So, the Dell has been acting up. I spent some quality time on the phone with tech support. (Now that's a good time. Not!) Turned out, the mother board needed to be replaced. That was taken care of, but immediately we were again having problems. The problems were strange and they couldn't figure it out over the phone, so they had us send the computer in for them to fix. We were not looking forward to spending a week without a computer! (We've become so attached to our gadgets, huh!)

Well, turns out we aren't without a computer for a week cause Abe bought me a present!!!He got me a little 8.5 inch, white Acer netbook!
Yeah, the little one! So Cute. (pic from here)
It's so cute and teeny! He got it for me cause I like to listen to internet radio ( a lot) and I'm pretty sure he was worried I was gonna wear out *his* computer. It was especially good timing, too, cause it arrived the day the Dell had to be shipped out for repair. I guess they're great for surfing the web, listing to my music, skype (It has a webcam built in), blogging (maybe I'll do more of that), plus I bet it's really handy to tote around cause of its teeny-tiny, so soooo cute, uh, compact size. I'm having a great time playing with my new little toy! I'm sure I'll be around here more!

**Oh, and incase you are wondering what internet radio I like to listen to, it's on iTunes radio. Click on "Religious", then my favorites are Anima Radio and Growthtrac Radio, also, KJSM Radio (that's out of the church where I went to Bible College) and KWVE (Calvary Chapel teaching). There are some other good ones, too. Do you listen to internet radio? What's your fave?


Kent said...

Those netbooks seem perfect for what most of us do with a computer. We are thinking of getting Sam one for his PHS graduation present (he graduated yesterday).

I love . It allows you to create your own "station" by suggesting artists or songs that you like, then it seeks out similar ones and plays them radio style, but with no commercials.


Kathryn said...

Abe was telling me about that! Sounds great. I'm terrible at keeping up with all this fancy technology.
I can't believe your kids are all so old! I was just thinking about you guys the other day that Samuel was probably graduating this year...I still remember the boys as so little (I've been away too long!) I'm gonna be "home" (in Philomath) in August. I'll have to track you and Mrs. S down when I'm there!