Monday, February 16, 2009

Accidental Kitchen Clean-up

This morning has been such a busy one!

We've had rain, so that's refreshing. It's been so hot and humid the last week. Mostly mid-eighties! I think that's entirely too hot for February. Saturday was so warm even just a onsie was too much for my little winter baby. I had him laying around in just a diaper during the heat of the afternoon!

So, this morning... Abe got up early. I made eggs and chorizo for breakfast (yum! a favorite lately). He was off to work, the baby was nursing and the big kids were fighting! (Today, every time one child had a toy the other wanted it! A few times they both had a toy and were crying for what the other had. I found myself suggesting repeatedly, "Why don't you trade?" They would, then they were happy...briefly.

I got baby settled for a morning nap, and went back to my breakfast dishes. I had started a load of laundry and there was a lot of background noise from that. Then the big kids were having trouble. I helped them settle it. Then the baby was fussing. I un-swaddled him to see if he needed a change. Then Jecoa was upset about not getting his toy to work and was crying.


I looked over and my WHOLE KITCHEN FLOOR was covered with water! I had left the water running and it had overflowed! Honestly, I can't remember having done this ever before, I've come close a couple times, but it has never actually made it out of the sink.

I was feeling so bummed at this point. We have invited people over for dinner and I had planned on having a peaceful day making a couple loaves of bread and getting the kids closet back in better order (I think it's time to pass along some of their clothes!) So, I got on with the situation at hand. I turned off the water and ran and grabbed a couple towels before the water got to my living room rug. I turned on KWVE (K wave internet radio, our favorite radio bible teaching). I dried and scrubbed the floor (hey there was already hot water there, might as well scrub!) I got to the counters and realized a few of my favorite cookbooks had gotten wet. I'm disappointed about that, but they are laid out to dry. Water has also gone under my sink and all my canned storage, plastic bags and cleaners had gotten wet. I had to remove them, dry them and then put them back (I threw out the empty things and trash, and re-organized while I was at it!)

So, while I wasn't planning on cleaning the floor before company came tonight, that is done! And some storage in my kitchen is in better shape, so that's a bonus! And I got to listen to the end of Pastor Chuck teaching, and a whole teaching by both Pastor Jon Coursen and Pastor Greg Laurie. What a treat to hear some of my favorite bible teachers while cleaning up a rather frustrating mess. I'm not upset about it at all now, I'm actually quite blessed that I let my sink run over. Thank you, Lord!

After all that, I sat down to feed baby boy and pulled up the Biblical Womanhood blog, and guess were she is in her Spring Cleaning for Normal People Series?! Cleaning the kitchen, cabinets and floors were on the list of things to accomplish this week. Well, check, check! ha ha.

In all this, I'm blessed. Even with unexpected cleanup the Lord has something special for me. Praise the Lord!

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Poiema said...

Oh, Katherine! I do admire your ability to see the silver lining in that (rain) cloud. Love you guys.