Saturday, February 21, 2009

Midnight trip to Mexico

Last night Jecoa wasn't feeling well.

He had been teething all day, and screaming all afternoon (accompanied by drooling and chewing his fingers, poor baby.) In the evening his breathing seemed very shallow, almost like he was panting, but he seemed normal off and on, so I decided to wait and see. Maybe he was just doing that because he was in pain.

He played off and on from dinner to bedtime, then went down like normal. But he woke up about 10:30, just a couple hours later, and really didn't seem like himself. He was so tired, but was fighting to stay awake. His breathing was strange and shallow and he was grunting and moaning. I was concerned.

My kids rarely get sick, so I am always worried I'm over-reacting when they catch a little something. This time I was sure I wasn't over-reacting! I called Abe at work and told him he should come home right away and take Coa to the doctor.

We knew of an emergency clinic just across the border, in the town near us in Mexico that some of our friends here had taken their kids to. Abe called a friend to come with him since we aren't too familiar with that town yet, and they were off.

I think it's about a 30 minute drive, they arrived at the clinic and thankfully there were just a couple other people there. They got in quickly and the doctor told Abe it was bronchitis. (I'm so glad I sent them! I tend to get bronchitis easliy and I'm glad I didn't wait for it to get worse.) He prescribed Jecoa a decongestant and a breathing treatment and they were on their way.

Of course, since they were in Mexico they had to stop on the way back to get some tacos! Jecoa hadn't eaten very well for dinner, so it was good he got a "midnight snack" too. They got home about 2:30 and everyone was in bed by 3:00. Yeah, 3:00a.m. I was wishing for a little extra sleep this morning, but the kids only slept in an extra half hour.... At least I got a little extra.

And I was so glad to wake up to my big boy feeling much, much better this morning.

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