Friday, February 13, 2009

Habla Espanol?

That "n" should really have a little squiggly over it. It's supposed to be an "en-yay" (you know, the Spanish "n" with a squiggly live above? ha ha. How would you spell that in English?) I thought I would find it at Alt + 164, but nothing happened there.

Anyway, today I was at the store. Theona and I ran into town to pick up just a couple things and have a little outing while the boys napped. She told me "just the girls" would go.

A common thing happened: A lady holding a box of frozen mashed potatoes walked up to me and gave a spiel in Spanish. (The mashed potatoes weren't the common thing, but the Spanish speaking was. People generally speak Spanish here first, or an equally confusing mix of Spanish and English) I missed the point of what she was trying to tell me as I grasped for some familiar vocabulary to emerge. I think I must have raised my eyebrows in that very uncertain way as I hesitantly offered, "no, thank you...?" She gave the spiel again in English offering the boxed mashed potatoes free with the purchase of a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. (This time I knew for sure I didn't want her deal.) I smiled and said softly, "No, thank you." and I was on my way.

I really need to work on not being so flabbergasted when spoken to in Spanish. I'm familiar enough with the language I should be able to follow a general conversation and give a simple Spanish response. (Like "No, gracias.")
It's definitely a new challenge living here and becoming familiar enough with a new language to use it in simple ways... I know the Lord can use it. It's probably very good for my kids, too. Hopefully they will become fluent in both languages (I better get serious about learning for myself, or they're gonna beat me to it!)


Poiema said...

I'll bet your kids will pick up both languages like little sponges. It is almost enviable how easily they learn! I have 3 at my house who learn Spanish using the Rosetta Stone program. Not sure how effective it is because they don't have a chance to practice it in real life. Someday they will, though, and I hope it will be valuable to them. I took French and know a little Latin, but am no help at all with Spanish.

Anonymous said...

I have the experience of being able to ask people at the hospital, "Can you give me your identification?" and the ever important, "Where is your pain?" Apparently my accent is good, and they assume I actually know what I am talking about...and then they start off talking and I have to tell them that "My Spanish is very bad." That sentence I have mastered!

I'm glad you're back and settling in with Elihu!