Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blogging about Blogging

You know, I feel like I've been writing so superficially. I'm really bugged about it. I think of insightful, personal things I'd like to blog about, but by the time I have a chance to write (everyone is fed, the kids are down...) I can't remember what in the world my brilliant idea was!

I used to enjoy writing so much. I'd journal, write songs, then I had kids. You know, life is busier with little ones. And more interesting, but all those interesting little tidbits going to waste... how sad.

Even sitting here writing, I have a whole list of things I need to do; but I sit here blogging about not blogging, and feeling a little guilty about sitting here and blogging about sitting here feeling here a little guilty about sitting here blogging.


I think I'll start carrying a little notebook with me. I do like writing. I sure miss it.

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