Monday, September 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Laura, over at I'm an Organizing Junkie hosts a great little thing Monday mornings. A thing I'd like to call: *announcer voice* MENU PLAN MONDAY!
THis is kind of a strange week. We have a leadership conference at church the end of this week. We should be pretty busy, so hopefully a plan will keep us sane. Here's my plan for the week:

B- Bagel
L- Adobo Chicken, White rice, steamed veggie.
D- Chicken and veggie Fried Rice (I'll include my recipe at the bottom of the post.)

B- Cakes
L- leftover fried rice
D- ground beef/potato tacos, beans

B- Cereal
L- Tuna Salad
D- Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan (some like Chicken, some eggplant), thin spaghetti noodles

B- Yogurt
D- Agape Meal at church, take

B- Chilequillas
Church the rest of the day

B- French Toast
At church the rest of the day

Church all day

So, here's the Fried Rice Recipe. A friend of mine made fried rice for me once, and it was pretty good, but I thought I'd tweak it a little to suit my family. We usually make it when we have leftover rice from the rice cooker, but any white rice will do.

What you need:
Cooked rice, when we have this for a main course, I use up to a couple cups per person.
Chicken (usually leftover)
Veggies (can be leftover, frozen, canned, whatever)
Bullion (I use about 1TB powdered chicken flavor)
Soy sauce
egg (if desired)
A couple TBS oil

Put a little oil in a large skillit, when hot, pour in rice and stir around for a few minutes, add chicken,bullion, soy sauce and veggies, and stir around until all is well combined and heated through. push rice to the side and crack an egg in the middle scramble quickly and begin stirring into the rice, continue stirring till all is cooked (you'll see little bits of egg throughout)

See, it's so so so easy. And delicious. We think it's just like from a restaurant.
(I didn't think It could be done at home!)

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