Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Friday - Feeding the Baby

I'm not very into commercial baby food. 

I can see the convienience, but not the expense, and I enjoy eating fresh foods, so I want my too as well. My son is 8 months old (Today!) and he has been eating some of our table food for a little while now.  (I just don't salt his portion. He does get some seasonings, though.)

I'm sure many people have heard the tips about making purees and freezing them in ice cube trays. Brilliant idea, who ever came up with that! We did that, this is kind of the next step. I have a great little baby food grinder. It's just three pieces and is so easy to use (and clean). My mom had one exactly like this when I was a baby. The only difference was it was a creamy white. I wanted her to find that one for me. I didn't even know they still sold them. It is the perfect tool, when a blender or food processor is too big, for making just a meal worth of food for baby.

Kmart is the only place I have been able to find this. And I haven't found a similar one I like anywhere else. I know you can get it through their site if you don't have a Kmart near you.

Anyway, I just throw the food in and grind it, easy as that. Sometimes I want the texture to be different, so I add a little cereal and/or water, but this little thing gets the job done! 

I remember this being about Five dollars. The site is down and I can't check, but the several dollars (or so) I spent on this was a great deal compared to the hundreds of dollars some people will spend on baby food! 

It's a pretty great product and it makes a good gift for a new mommy, too.

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Edi said...

I used one of those with my kids...I can't remember where I got mine from - may have been used. But it's great for taking along to someone's house or when traveling too.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I've never seen one of these. Great idea!

Lady Why said...

I got one as a baby shower gift along with a baby food recipe book. My little guy started eating solid food a month or so ago and I just love my grinder! It is soooo economical and I like to have organic foods for him. Have you seen the price of organic baby food lately?? YIKES! This little grinder has saved me a ton of money already!

Lora said...

I made quite a bit of my own baby food with my two kiddos also. It's so easy and so cheap!