Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Cool New Booths

I didn't move my dining room chairs when we moved from Omaha, so during meals we've been sitting on this-and-that random stuff since we moved. A little bench, made from a headboard, a subwoofer, Jecoa's booster was on a little electronics cart... weird, I know, but we were waiting on the Lord and making do until we found what we wanted. 

Well, finally! We got two booths with red vinyl cushions. We picked them up today (That is a story in its self!) They have bead board on the sides, and though they are a little worn, (We'll say distressed. Distressed is in!) they are really, pretty cute. They suit my little apartment. I'm happy with them. 

Oh, and I got a great deal - $15.00 for both! (Yay, Craig's list!)

I'll post a picture later when the dining room is put together.


Kent said...

It is very cool to see your good atttitude and creative efforts regarding living on a budget. The fact is that 99.9% of us have to live on an income that is limited in some way. I have worked with folks where each member of a couple was making more than $100,000 per year and struggling to deal with debt and feeling "poor". I have also seen folks in our church who live on a tiny fraction of that and have lovely homes and warm families (and no debt!). So good for you for your positive attitude. Actually, I think being creative and inventive winds up being more fun anyway. So enjoy the booths. They will be far more memorable to your kids than a $3000 dining set :-)


Sarah said...

I'm the moderator for the Homeland thread over @
Every week we post the ad and the coupon match-ups and what will be free! You should come check it out! Living in OKC you have CVS- I'm jelous :)

Mod Girl said...

I would love to see a photo of your booths. Very cool!

I was delighted to see your comments over at my place. Thank you! It's always fun to meet another reader!

Teresa said...

Haha...I can't believe you were
still using all that stuff for chairs!! that is great!