Friday, October 31, 2008

Confession: OOps, I did it first...

White Ink Tattoos

Don't ask how I came across this... (I wasn't up way too late surfing around the interweb waiting for Abe to get home from work, even though I most certainly would fall asleep before he does...)

Apparently, white tattoos are the thing to do if you're a young person in hollywood. Hate to say it, and maybe I shouldn't, but here's to being honest: Uh, I got one first.

Okay, maybe not first, but probably before most of these kids. I think I got mine the end of 2001. It's a white cross on my belly, kind of above my left hip. Yeah, bright idea, I know... To be entirely honest, after a few years and a couple babies, it has lost most of it's color and looks a lot more like a stretch mark than anything else...

Awesome, I know. 

Also, I love how the people in the article just say they are doing it because their friends are.
She said: ‘Everyone in LA is having the tattoos so I just had to have one. I saw Lindsay Lohan had one and it looked so pretty I asked her where she got it.
Aaahh! puh-leese

Kids, what have we learned today? Don't follow fads, don't get tattooed, don't do stuff 'cause all your friends are doing it...I could go on. 

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