Friday, October 17, 2008

Mr. Muscles

Jecoa is getting too strong!

Last week he picked up Abe's glasses off his bedside table and ripped them apart! He tore one ear piece completely off. And they were the kind that gives when you tug on them...

Abe wore them anyway with a little scotch tape for about a week. (He's braver than me. I'm a big wimp about stuff like that.) We couldn't find anyone to fix them, and we were having trouble ordering a new pair of frames because of moving and the store here didn't think they had the same ones... anyway, I drove to McAllen on Tuesday and when I was half way there the store called Abe and told him his frames had arrived. Surprise!! We hadn't ordered them, but we had told them exactly what we were looking for (though they couldn't find them in their computer when we'd been there previously...) I was so thankful to get them for Abe. We got his old lenses put in and he was set. 

Then I got home.

I took my glasses off (I only wear them for driving or watching movies) and set them on the table. Bad move. I was straightening up the house for bible study, and turned around to see my little guy snatch the glasses and rip an ear piece off... bummer.

But it's not just glasses.

The next morning the kids were playing in their room while I was changing laundry, and I walked by to see Jecoa ripping the lid off of the CD player that Abe got me for my birthday last year! Ahhh! I rescued it before it was too damaged, and though it takes a little coaxing, it still plays. 

So, wonder why they had my CD player in their room? (Sorry for being silly, but this is one of the only things that is special and mine.) 

Somewhere during the last two moves their CD player was misplaced. I have no idea where it is, but I'm pretty sure it has one of our favorite bed time, worship CDs in it. After moving the second time (from OK to here) and still not finding it, I'm pretty sure it's just lost... 

Needless to say we are being much more careful about our glasses (especially Abe's new ones) and breakable things are not going to be so easily accessed by the little Mister. 

We'll see how many more things are damaged before I really learn how to spot what is attractive to and easily broken by a one-and-a-half-year-old boy. 

This is a new level of baby-proofing. Or toddler-proofing.


Poiema said...

you could always get a neck chain like the old ladies wear :) he he!

Teresa said...

I am just going to laugh! lol