Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green Oranges

We stopped on our way home from church a couple weeks ago at a little road side stand. They were selling greens... er, oranges.

These oranges were so green we were almost not convinced, but the guy sliced one open for us to taste. They were juicy enough and though milder in flavor, still very sweet. We ended up buying a bag. When we tried them at home Theona questioned, what's this? When I told her it's an orange she quickly corrected me, "It's Yellow." then exclaimed in her almost-three-year-old kind of way, "Oh, it yellow-orange!"

She's so funny. I'm loving this age for all the funny things she has to say. (Not loving the tantrums and insistence on always being right, but hey, it's definitely been a learning experience...for both of us. ha ha)

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