Saturday, December 29, 2007

Go To Sleep Little Baby...

I am so disappointed in myself. I have totally messed up my baby boy's sleep habits. And I knew better. Our vacations, move, then trip back to OR certainly didn't help, but what can I do now? I kept him out of his own bed for over a month, though I tried to keep a similar routine, I was very generous with night time feedings that probably weren't as necessary for nourishment as they were for comfort (uh, I was probably too concerned about the comfort of my parents and sister as I was staying in their homes and I didn't want to disturb them with midnight fussing.) He's gone from sleeping an eight hour stretch at night to waking and wanting to nurse every four hours.

I just feel so guilty. This is totally my fault. My mistake. And I don't see a way out of it. I know that's not realistic. It will take work at this point, but I am willing to work. I know it will be in the best interest of my babe to help him get back into a better sleep pattern.

I've been praying for wisdom. How can I help him adjust to sleeping through the night? I know he can. I just don't want this to be torture or traumatizing (for any involved).

The plan now is:
* He is sleeping in his crib! He was still sleeping in my room, his own space, but my room (bad habits, I think, for both of us).
* I am going to encourage a six hour stretch of sleep by putting him back to sleep if he wakes before time to eat. I think this should work well for him because I know he can go that stretch without nursing.
* I am going to PRAY that God will give me wisdom and help him sleep well!

After we establish this we'll make a next step. Pray for me!

And if anyone has any encouragement or suggestions I'd welcome it.

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