Saturday, December 1, 2007

It seems like all I've been able to do lately is update, update, update. I couldn't read. I couldn't write. I was really feeling a little frazzled. I'm sure you can understand... I guess I was really a little scared that if I didn't document I'd forget. Maybe I will. Not a big deal. I don't need to remember every detail, thought and feeling. If the Lord brings this around to where I can minister to someone because of my experience, I'm sure he'll bring to mind the details I need.

I had an extremely productive day today. That's always refreshing. After breakfast I worked on packing for Monday (By the way, I'm leaving for Oregon on Monday. The kids and I will stay for two weeks!) I worked on my room, which is ALMOST unpacked. (We've been in a state of almost unpacked for a week, and I'm afraid it's about to drive the husband nuts.) I made a yummy lunch of mashed potatoes and leftover turkey soup. It was sooo yummy. The soup had homemade noodles in it. I think that's gonna have to become a regular menu item. I remember my mom making those noodles with beef when I was little... I'm gonna have to try that. I did FOUR loads of laundry, and three are folded and put away (wow).

It feels good to be productive. I think we're gonna take the evening easy. Papa is at work, the kids and I will just play and hang out. Maybe I'll through in some pizza dough real quick. There's a new recipe I've been wanting to try.


Poiema said...

Hey, little Momma!
I've been thinking of you today and praying for your family. I miss you.
I loved your poster on writing~~writing just happened to be the subject I blogged about today as well.

Hope your trip to Oregon goes well and is a big encouragement to your Mom. We, too, are dealing with a life -or-death situation with my Mother-in-Law. It truly makes you hold precious each moment when you know those moments are numbered.

I'm so glad we all have a big family reunion in heaven to look forward to!

Blessings from our house to yours.

Hartfelt Expressions said...

Hi Kathryn! I'm the one from The Lactivist website that said she was from Oklahoma. My name is Vanessa. I'm a Christian, wife, and stay at home mom to an almost 2 year old girl. (so about like you minus the newborn) ;)
Feel free to email me through my blog.