Monday, April 21, 2008

Last of the No Boyfriends Club

When I was in high school I didn't date. Actually I made an informal club of it. The "No Boyfriends" Club. We had members. Two of my friends who I worshiped the Lord with. (and now keep in touch with online) joined me in seeking the Lord and avoiding the boyfriends.

In all honesty, it was probably for lack of prospects rather then a determined commitment. That's okay. Whatever works. I have full confidence that it was the Lord protecting me. I am so thankful! 

I met my husband in Bible college and our second year, after becoming great friends, we decided we'd like to stay together forever... basically he wanted to date, I told him I hadn't dated and wasn't planning on it. I asked him how serious he was, "Are you gonna plan on marrying me?" He said he would so, we went from there... and I was pretty much out of the club. :)

I'm sure all that sounds kind of crazy, but I didn't have an understanding of courtship, or really anything other than typical high-school-type, casual dating. I just knew I didn't want to go around giving bits of my heart to "test the waters". I had been told by older people "no one marries their first boyfriend" and "you have to see what you like". I just didn't buy it. I knew what I wanted and I prayed for it. I am truly thankful that the Lord sheltered me under His wing.  

Around the same time, we lost one of our other members. My friend Julia met her husband in College, and now are serving the Lord in Tanzania! They're with Wycliffe, they studied linguistics and they're both really smart. I'm excited to where the Lord takes them and what he does in their life.

So, Pamela, the last standing member of the club started dating a nice young man about a year ago. Guess what?! The rumors are true....

I'm so happy for them!

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Kent said...

From a Dad's point of view, what you are describing a dream come true! Each of my daughters met various young men over the years, but never "dated". Then, once they found someone hey felt they could be serious about, bingo! Most important of all, the guy had to have a sincere commitment to Christ, or he wasn't even a "possible". Thanks for starting the no boyfriend club. I'm certain that it helped Julia and Pamela feel o.k. about waiting!