Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prayer for Hank

Last week we went out and spent some time with my cousin Hank. His health has gotten worse quickly. He flew out Monday evening to Chicago, for a better hospital. He's been having really bad stomach pains, and I was told he is pretty orange again. I'm so sad to hear his health is declining so quickly, but Praise the Lord, he has made a decision for Christ! 

The last time we were out we grilled chicken and shared the gospel with him and asked about his relationship with God, he told us that he was not saved and wasn't ready to make that decision. 

Though I was concerned, I was stumped. I couldn't force anything, so we kept on praying. And My aunt told me that when she was visiting this weekend, on Sunday, he gave his heart to the Lord and they talked about Jesus giving him a new body in heaven. Oh how gracious our heavenly Father is! 

(I'm having a problem with blogger uploading pictures, so, I'll probably edit this later with pictures.)


Kent said...

I am reminded of the passage about one planting the seed, another watering, and another harvesting. That is great news about Hank! Everything changes when seen in the light of an eternity with God.

Polythene Pam said...

Oh man! I wish I was coming through Oklahoma City! that would be great!