Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Elephants

I just had the most amusing conversation with my girlie.

We live in an apartment on the bottom floor. Sometimes our upstairs neighbors are so loud! A few minutes ago there was a loud thump-thump-BOOM from our ceiling. I casually remarked, "There must be elephants up there."

Theona looked up and then 30 seconds later ran over to me and said, "I feel scared!" I chuckled a little and tried to explain that it was just our upstairs neighbors and they were just making noise up there... she quickly asked, "Where's the elephants?!" I told her there are no elephants here. They live in the zoo and in Africa. "She seemed a little reassured and pensively repeated "Elephants in Ax-i-ca"

She's back to playing, but I'm gonna have to be more careful. I may have started something... oops.

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