Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Potty Training Success

If anyone noticed my absence I'm sure you thought it must have some very good reason. Well. I now have only one in diapers! 

Theona had been very interested in using the potty since before we moved, I just wasn't entirely sure how to help her get from the diapers to the potty on a regular basis. She seemed to be only occasionally interested in sitting on the potty. Only when it suited her, and there was usually nothing going on while she sat...

At first I thought I was gonna mess it up and then she would *never* be potty trained. (I always seem to get a little unrealistically concerned about these little growing up steps...) I read a couple things on the subject, but didn't feel like it was doing any good. Then I realized I knew who knew the answer! We started praying for guidance. For Mommy and Theona. She started telling me when she was wet. I encouraged her to tell me before she went so she could go in the potty. She started to tell me more often, then we were committed. Good-bye diapers! We got some big girl undies for her, and she excelled! We had several accidents the first couple days then success! She's been doing very well and it's been a week-and-a-half since she has had an "accident". 

The last four nights she has even slept without a diaper. I am so excited she is doing so well! I did not really have any expectations for a time frame on potty training, but I'm really glad we have had such a great first experience. 

I've also had a great lesson reinforced on trusting my Lord. I totally believe He knows and cares about these things. He will certainly give me wisdom, even about such things as potty-ing, if I ask.  
Thank You, Lord for being Lord of ALL! Even our family, even the little things, even potty training!

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Poiema said...

Congratulations! That is such a big milestone. You were very wise to consult the ultimate expert!
Blessings to your family.