Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Destination or Journey?

I'm not so interested in the destination. I know that. I absolutely know where I will end up. I'm concerned with the journey. How will I get there?

I heard something on the radio today. It was along the lines of: "The Church should be a lifeboat, not a cruise ship." To me this is simple and poignant. On a cruise, you leave from a dock, play with all your friends, do some fun activities, enjoy yourself, sleep, return to the dock. What else is there to do?

Upon leaving from a dock in a lifeboat you would be immediately busy, you would be looking for someone who needs help and you would help them. Then return to the dock with much celebration for those you had rescued.

This is important. We are called to live as on a lifeboat. We are told. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." (Matt 28:19)

I feel like in some ways I have slacked off on this. I use excuses like, "There are seasons. This is a season for me to serve my family." Honestly, I have to say, this is an EXCUSE. I need to reach out. Going to the grocery store could be an event filled with prayer and evangelism! Who will God put in my path that I should share His love with?

Today a man approached my car and asked for twenty-six cents. I gave him some change, and he went on his way. I realized that I missed a perfect opportunity to tell him that Jesus loves him. I started to go after him, but didn't catch up. I know it will be different next time.

I'm not called to cruise through life just enjoying my family. I am on a rescue mission. I want to point them to the one who will save.

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