Sunday, October 21, 2007

One-Year-Olds Are Fun

One year olds are funny.

Tonight I was putting my sweet little girlie to bed, and she just kept getting up.

First, I put her down pretty quick because the baby started crying and I wanted to go get him. Well, it was too quick for her, and she started crying, too. So, as soon as the baby was settled I hurried back in there, and she had thrown everything out of her bed. Yes. I mean everything. Blanket, pillow, pacifier and jammies. Yeah, Jamies! She unzipped her blanket sleeper, took it off, and threw it out of her bed--something she's never done before.

I got her back down, but not too much time passed before she cried out in a way that gets a mommy running for her baby. I thought she got scared or had a dream or something. No, I guess she just wanted her stuff back. Once again she had thrown out her blanket, pillow, paci, and jammies. Hmmm... I asked, "What's wrong?" and she answered, "Tummy hurts. I sick. Poo-poo." I picked her up and carried her out to the kitchen. Bedtime never takes this long, and I was starting to wonder if she's really not feeling well. I thought maybe she needed to go potty, so I sat down with her on my lap, and gave her a prune. Now the chit-chatting begins. She starts naming the parts of my face: "Eye. Nose. Mouth. Hair." Then she starts asking about all her friends, naming them one by one and asking "night-night?" I tell her "Yes, he's night-night." "Yes, she's night-night". Then she asks if I'm sitting in a chair and points out that I'm wearing a shirt. Now, at this point she is being so cute and charming, but I'm starting to realize that she has just totally worked the system.

I picked her up, told her it's time for bed and we went back to the rocking chair. This time I decided maybe she was too hot, so I left her jammie off. We rocked for a song then I put her back in bed. Back out in the living room I was sure she was settled. I had picked up toys and sat down to nurse the baby. Then I heard her fussing again. What. Is. Up? So, I got the baby settled and went back again. This time as soon as I entered the room I hear "diaper? diaper? diaper?" Yes. She's standing there totally nak*d. She had thrown out the blanket, pillow, paci, and diaper. Hmm.

So, I got her out, told her, "You have to keep your diaper on, okay?" "ok" she answered. I got her dressed, diaper, jammies and all, and put her bed back together and put her back down. This time it stuck.

I almost don't mind bedtime taking two hours when she's being so goofy and totally cute. (...I said ALMOST.) And she's just getting so big. I don't want to forget this.

Wow. Pretty soon I'm gonna be saying TWO year olds are funny....

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