Friday, October 12, 2007

*UPDATED* What Moves Me?

We were offered a transfer with my husband's job again. His boss called yesterday afternoon, and said he's like to send us to Oklahoma City. Wow. Am I ready for another change already?

We have really gotten settled here the last year and a half. We LOVE our church. We've made wonderful friends. I just can't really imagine moving. I'm so into the adventure, though. My first inclination is to say "yes!", but I'm not just in it for the adventure. I need to follow my Lord.

A friend told us that back in the old days Pastor Chuck would say something to the effect of, "You'll move for a job, but will you move for ministry?" I know we can answer that a big Y-E-S. I know we're moving for a reason IF the Lord works it out. I know he's taking us to the next place.

It's hard to know sometimes what steps to take, but I know He's leading. Abe's gonna tell his boss that we have to take our vacation that is planned for two weeks from now, but we'd be willing to go after we get back if they're willing to hold the position. I guess that leaves an opportunity for God to shut the door or hold it open for us. We'll see.

* * *UPDATE* * * Abraham's boss said that's fine, they'll keep the position for him. So, I guess we're moving to Oklahoma.

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