Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WFMW - Toddler Bed

Well, for us, this little twist on Works for me Wednesday is just in time. My one-and-a-half year old is occupying our crib and I was hoping to avoid buying a second crib. She's smart (I realize just about everyone would say this about their child), so the transition to the toddler bed quickly became a game. For about a week, she did well, but then it started taking longer and longer to put her down, up to an hour and a half (before she was going down in her crib in about 5 minutes, no joke). She'd play all kinds of games making bedtime frustrating and exhausting for me and by the end she was going to sleep in tears. We only tried this for a couple weeks.

So, what works for you? At what age did you start kids in the toddler bed? Should I just go buy another crib? (The baby is gonna need to be in a crib in the next few weeks.) Do you have any success tips for helping her stay in her bed?

I'd love to hear it, and I'll certainly let you know how it turns out.

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Anonymous said...

The switch is never easy... but my 1.5 year old went to a twin bunk bed with his brother as soon as #3 came along... I'm still trying to keep the kid in bed 2 years later!!! But one thing I notice that worked when we made the swtich with my oldest was a nightlight purchased at IKEA next to his bed and a few books. We gave him the books and told him he could look at the books in his bed but if he got up I would turn off the light and take away the books and close the door... thats what worked with him... good luck... this is always challenging!

Heather Cox said...

Things that worked for us....First, we waited as long as we could and I eventually just bought another crib! My kids weren't ready to handle independence until after 2 (even up to 2 1/2). It might be worth it for sanity sake. Second, I listen to Nanny Joes' advice and don't talk to the kids but pick them up and place them back on the bed.

Jenn said...

One month before our girl turned 2 we switched her to the toddler bed. Honestly, the switch went smoothly at first but now that she is cutting 2 year molars, we're having problems. Some things that I find work with her are rewards like stickers etc but of course rewards are kid specific. If she stays in bed for a decent amount of time, she gets a sticker. If she stays in bed all night, she gets a big sticker and a treat type thing. I haven't worked out all the kinks yet but maybe this will help you get some ideas to start. Good luck! it's not easy.

I say don't buy another crib. She needs to learn to stay in bed, just like mine needs to learn!

Oh and also, sometimes I stay in the room with her in the rocking chair while she is in the bed. She likes this and often falls asleep if I'm sitting near her. Not always though...2 year olds are tricky :)

I've heard that a lavander sachet beside their bed works to help relax them. I haven't tried this yet but you never know!

Leia said...

Gosh...I hadn't even started thinking that far ahead yet! I just wish I could keep mine asleep in his crib!

Thanks for your insight on my stain removal dilemma! I'll have to give that a try!