Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day in our life: Skateboarding, Watermelon, and A Nap Time Walk

Last week we had a very fun and busy day, and since Abe was home (I think it was Tuesday) he was glad to take plenty of pictures.
Theona figured out how to ride Papa's old skateboard

We had a watermelon plant (vine??) appear on our back patio. It grew up from next to our telephone utility box and just sprawled out on our brick patio! It was pretty cool, but it didn't come out until very late in the season. At one point we had at least eight small melons growing but only two ended up getting very large. One rotted from the end, and we decided decided a few days later that we better pick the other big one while we still had a chance. It was pretty big, but an odd shape.

Theona helped carry it in.

We sliced it after lunch, hoping for a special treat for desert, but sadly it wasn't ripe enough. We didn't want sick tummies, so we decided to pass.

The kids absolutely would not go to sleep for nap time. (This has never happened, and I decided we needed a creative solution this day.) I don't know how they were able to fight sleep for so long, but after a while I kind of gave up and loaded them up in the stroller for a walk around the neighborhood . We were barely out of the drive way and Theona was out. Jecoa held on for a while and fell asleep sitting up propped up on his elbows. Abe and I had a very nice walk and put the kids in bed when we got back home. Theona's eyes immediately popped open and she said, "I don't want to sleep!" 

She slept anyway.

It was a good day, and Theona talked about the watermelon that we had to throw away "'Cause it's yucky. It'll make our tummies sick" for the next few days.  Maybe we'll have to plant one on purpose next year!

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