Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dress-Up Animal Costumes!

** I see a couple of these are turned sideways. I'll come back and fix them tomorrow with Abe. I thought I turned them, but I guess he'll have to show me how to keep them turned. oops.

Yesterday, when we went to town for church, we stopped by Target for a couple things and since we were early we decided to kill a little time and check out the left over costumes. We had been wanting to pick out some dress-up play clothes. I was thinking butterfly wings; Theona has a small pair and I had seem some really cool big ones I thought she might like. We didn't find any wings, but they had some really cute animals left!

Jecoa loved his puppy. He was giggling when Abe showed it to him, and we just had to throw it in. It was only $4.00! We decided it was totally worth it, and I'm glad we did. He loved wearing it and running around and would tell us "Puh-ppy" over and over.

Theona loved this horse. I didn't think she'd like it so much. It was a horse and rider outfit, so her legs are the horse's back legs and there are some little legs in stirrups hanging down and it's held up with suspenders. So funny! When she walks she kicks out the front legs of the horse. It's really cute.

Coa is the cutest little puppy! He kept clapping the paws together.

Theona and her horse, galloping! 
She loved running back and forth with it.

Abe and I didn't notice the tail until it was on him. It totally cracked us up!

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boy are they cute. and so big too. do send me your bread recipes if you get a chance. If you don't have my address, you can reply to my newsletter that I'll send in a couple of days. I put up a new little post by the way. Love.