Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Morning

It's Monday, and it's already starting off a little extra busy (as Mondays for me often are). The kids woke up a lot last night (which is not that usual for them), and extra early. I guess because of the time change?? Nah, it was early anyway!

We had breakfast and cleaned up a big mess on the floor that Coa left us last night. He poured out a bag of expired yeast all over the back corner of my kitchen floor right before bedtime, and I promptly forgot about it and put them to bed and went to bed myself only to wake in the middle of the night imagining the kids waking up and making it an even bigger mess! I went back to sleep, deciding to clean it up first thing in the morning.

I have a big pile of clothes to fold (some of which got folded and un-folded with the assistance of my two helpers...mostly the bigger of the two) I really shouldn't do a bunch of laundry late Saturday night. It never gets put away on Sunday and I hate getting the laundry halfway done... At least it's clean I guess.  I won't mind  having a chance to sit and fold today. I probably could use a sitting-down-job today. I'm tired already... not that I won't have to jump up ten times, right? 

Oh, and the funniest thing that happened already this morning: Jecoa put my cell phone in the sub-woofer. It has a sound hole in front and he occasionally slips toys in there when no one is looking. Well, I was looking, but I didn't make it in time. Plop. There went the phone. At least I saw it, 'cause I would have been hunting all day. I never would have guessed where it was. So we had to wake Abe up a few minutes early, so he could get it (and the cars, toothbrush, and golf ball that were also in there) before he went to work.

To do today:
-fold laundry
-make bread
-check menu plan for the week, and see if it needs any editing
-mop the kitchen

I think that's probably enough for today. I need a slow Monday. Maybe we'll make banana bread if we have a little extra time today. I have some banana's that are calling me.

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Andi said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I think you are so right, when you have little ones, (and especially when you're pregnant!), the best days are the simple days. You're babies are so precious, enjoy them!