Sunday, November 16, 2008

HE LOVES Us! (I just can't get over this song!)

"God wants to encounter you. And wants you to feel His love - His amazing love. Without it, these are just songs, these are just words, these are just instruments. Without the Love of God we're just up here making noise, but the love of God changes us, and we're never the same, we're never the same after we encounter the Love of God!

"We're never the same after we encounter the Love of God!

"And right now, if you haven't encountered the Love of God - And you would know, because you wouldn't be the same! You'd never be the same again! - If you want to encounter the Love of God right now, you better just brace yourself, 'cause He's about to just blow in this place!"

I've been enjoying worship on YouTube so much lately. There's something really special about a big group (or a small group) of believers just worshiping and seeking the Lord. We've been spending a lot of time worshiping and reading the Word as a family lately, but I'm really hoping to find a worship concert or something like that in my area. I think that sounds like great fun!

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