Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Road to Homeschooling! (Funny Story)

I hope to home school as the kids reach school age, but I'm sure like many young moms, I'm intimidated by the idea. I hope I can do a good job and teach my kids well, so not only do they get an excellent education, but just as importantly that they know the Lord and have a godly and biblical worldview. 

We talk about lots of things throughout our days. Theona has lots of questions and I just try to talk out loud about the things we are doing so she has an opportunity to learn more about whatever it is and so Jecoa hears a lot of language. He's starting to talk more, and it's fun to hear his new little phrases.

One thing we've been doing a lot of lately is coloring with chalk outside. Theona is always asking me to draw certain pictures or letters, and she'll tell me what she is drawing. I wondered how much she understood the letters. She knows the alphabet song, but I didn't really think she was learning to recognize any letters yet. When she would ask me to draw a "T" I'd tell her "T for Theona"

Well (you need a little background here), there's a cemetery that we drive through on our way into town, and they recently built a little shrine at one of the grave sites. They also built a metal cross. It's about 20 feet tall! It has solar lights on it, so at night it lights up. 

We were driving on Saturday, after dark, and I told Theona to watch for the houses with lights on them, as some people already have Christmas lights up. She was telling us, "Look at the lights on that house! Look at the lights on that house!" As we passed houses with lights, then as we passed the cemetery she exclaimed, "Mom, look at the lights on that 'T'!" - the new big cross! I thought that was too cute! I was so proud that my bright little daughter has recognized the first letter of her name! How funny, huh!

So I guess we are well on our way toward homeschooling! I'm not the most gifted teacher ever, but she's learning! If my girlie is recognizing letters without much practice, I suppose we're on the right track. She's learning lots of things every day, and I'm so glad that I'm making a good learning environment for her!

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