Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why I Blog

So, back to why I started a blog in the first place: I want to serve the Lord with all I have!

Becomming a stay at home mom was not a dificult transition for me. Working at a Christian Preschool, however, was. I think I didn't see a mission field at the time, but I was wrong, boy was it one! I do see being home as an amazing mission field, and so much more! blogging is becomming one way I can give a testimony about what's going on with us. (Sometimes it's hard to be totally real, but the Lord is teaching me to be transparent and unashamed in living my life for Him.)

My Lord has called me to serving Him at home by serving my kids, my husband, and whoever comes across my path I guess...

To be quite honest, I should pray for a renewed desire for evangelism. I love sharing my Lord with others. Why don't I do it more?

The Lord encouraged me so much. I was listening to this song called "He Love Us" and there's a line toward the end that says, "I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way...He loves us! Oh, how He loves us..." 

I don't have to worry about my past or my shortcomings... I am so encouraged to serve the Lord where I am at and do what he's called me to do. Amazing. Thank you, Jesus.

I'm so thankful for this season of my life. Having little ones and a whole different pace to my day week life is challenging and fun! Sharing the truth with them and seeing them grow in prayer and praise is beyond exciting. For now, we are enjoying our time where we're at!

Still I hope, come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha.

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