Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goals for 2008

I'm not much for resolutions. I'm sure it's silly, but the term makes me feel like I'm setting myself up for a disappointment. I am, however, setting a couple goals for 2008. I'm just making a short list of things that I feel are do-able, yet challenging myself to stay on top of things and grow.

1. Keep My Schedule - I've set up a "Home Management Book" for myself which outlined daily activities and chores. I plan to stick to this and I expect it to help our days and weeks become much more productive. I'm also including some focused educational time, especially for the girl. I think this will be a great experiment for us in preparing for homeschooling.

2. Read at least One Book Per Month - I haven't stuck to a regular reading schedule (other than Bible) and I think the challenge is important. Maybe I'll even blog a little review to keep myself accountable.

3 Memorize Scripture - I've started committing one verse or section per week to memory. I've never memorized much scripture, always having some excuse, but this is something valuable I'd like to store away. Maybe by the end of the year I'd like to memorize a short book, and then work from there.

1 comment:

Cal said...

Those are great goals, especially the one to memorize a new verse each week. You have inspired me to do the same thing in 2008.

I know a lot of Scripture but I never memorized them growing up. You are never too old to start.