Monday, January 21, 2008

Teaching Her Two

The day before my girlie's birthday, we received a package. It was addressed to my daughter, which makes sense, since her birthday was two days away. It was from the grandparents, and I was looking forward to opening it, expecting that there was a little something for me, too.

We waited for Papa to get home, and got out the scissors. (Sure enough, there was something for me amidst the birthday packages, a extra large orange Tupperware canister, and it's extra small counterpart. I have two medium sized ones. Aren't I a little spoiled.)

As the boxes were removed, the girl exclaimed, "Yay, I wanna open present!"

"We have to save it for a couple days," I instructed.

Then the next, "Yay, I wanna open present!"

"We have to save it."

She commented on the pretty paper, and the paper with frogs on it. Then I thought it would be fun to teach her how old she was turning. We talked about the fact that her birthday is tomorrow and she would be two. I showed her my two fingers and asked. "How old will you be on your birthday?"


"You will be two on your birthday. Can you show me two?"

She tried to arrange her fingers, but couldn't quite figure out how keep the right ones up and the rest down. She looked at me and held out her hand, "I need help."

I helped her get two fingers up and the rest tucked down. She showed me. She was pretty proud. I asked again. How old are you gonna be? She answered "two", but lost the fingers. She held up her index fingers and smiled.

What a smart little two year old I have! (Can you tell I'm a proud momma?)

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