Saturday, January 12, 2008

Super Savings Saturday-Old Navy Clearance

We got in on the Old Navy Clearance Sale last year and I had been excitedly awaiting it the last few months. We planned to stock up on some things for the next size. We did pretty well I think, and I even ended up with a shirt for myself.

For the girlie we got:
Three turtlenecks, a pink, a black, and a white for $1.74 each
A 3T t-shirt for $1.74
A 3T dressy little shirt for $2.24

And for baby boy:
The cutest little "snuggly" shirt I've been waiting all season for for $2.25
A one piece sleep and play style outfit for $2.99
A light pair of pants that will be great for fall for $3.49
A sweatshirt for fall for $2.99

A gift for the next new baby we give a gift to:
A onesie that says "Hi, I'm new here" for $1.74

And for me, a dressy green long sleeved shirt for 3.99

Our total: $26.64

I think we did pretty good. I may go back again to get a few more turtlenecks for the girl in the next size.

Oh, and a the end of our receipt we got a survey to fill out for 10% off our next purchase!

Check out Super Savings Saturday at Money saving mom . com for more great deals!


Mandy said...

Great job! I went there yesterday and got some great deals too! None for me, but a lot for my two daughters.

Veggiemomof2 said...

No fair! I didn't get a survey! LOL