Monday, January 28, 2008

Mom/Grandma Update

She's is half done!! Her Chemo this last week brought her to the mid-way point.
Here's my mom with The Girlie. This was when we were visiting OR this fall right around the time she started treatment.
Here she is more recently with her "new 'do" (a wig). Doesn't it look nice?! I think so. My sister and I helped pick it out and she got it styled by her regular girl. I'm glad she likes it.

She's doing pretty well! The last couple days she was very tired (After her treatment Thursday), but she's doing okay, feeling good most of the time. She's been working (which I was nervous about, but I think has been a good thing for her, she likes staying busy), and doing most of her regular stuff all but the couple days after a treatment.

I'm really glad she's been feeling good for the most part and been in such good spirits! Thanks for your prayers.

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