Friday, January 18, 2008

"I smell it?"

This afternoon, after a long day of play, we put on Ratatouille, the girlie's FAVORITE movie. I don't know what she loves about this movie, but she really likes it. She asks to watch it at least a couple times a day! (We don't, just in case you were wondering.) So, I put it on tonight, thinking the combination of that, and the pile of toys we had out would keep their interest long enough for me to get the house back in order!

But, when I put it in it wasn't loading right. I took out the disk to inspect it, and somehow, sticky little fingerprints had decorated the back.

I breathed hot air on the back and rubbed it on the inside of my sweatshirt, then again, while the girlie was asking, "I smell it?" I didn't quite know what she meant, but I held the DVD toward her. She leaned in, closed her eyes, took a BIG whiff and sighed like she had smelled something really delicious "ahhh... I smell it!"

I then put the disk back in and it loaded right up.

What a helper I have.

By the way, the house is significantly cleaner! My kitchen and dining room are de-cluttered and most of the stuff that had been strewn throughout the house is now back where it belongs. And, we vacuumed. What a difference a favorite movie can make.


Insignificant Woman said...

Did you do any of those things while wearing a snorkeling mask? It's lots of fun too! Thanks for your recent comment on my site. Maybe I'll watch a good movie myself and see what it can motivate me and my children to do. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kent said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I read yours all the time. I have a list of blogs (including yours) on Google Reader. It lets me know whenever someone has posted something new.

We just heard from Julia today. The flights went o.k. except for a delay in London where a plane crash landed (not their plane!) Daniel slept on the long leg from London to Dar Es Salaam. Now they are in a hotel for three weeks of orientation. Then they go to a camp out in the boonies of Tanzania to study Swahili for four months. I love seeing the pictures of your family and reading the little kid stories. Some days seemed to last for weeks when my kids were that little, now it is 20 plus years later!


Poiema said...

You should patent the idea for DVD's with fragrance. It would probably be a big seller!