Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Kitchen

For a while now, whenever we go anywhere that we see a kitchen set the girlie is just glued to it. I was so excited to find just the right one for a Christmas present. We found such a sweet piece, and she just loves it.

She brings us tea and coffee (she came up with that on her own), and cookies, soup, chicken, and milk. She's such a sweetie. I am so glad we got it for her. It's so much fun already, and I expect it to be a great toy for years to come!

(All the plastic dishes came as a gift from a friend from our old church. They are a pretty perfect fit for the little shelves! We found a little cheap food for her, and the cookie jar came from Grandma. It has 10 cookies, each with a different number of "m&ms" on it with the corresponding number on the bottom. She has a lot of fun with those. We're looking for a nice, small set of food for a birthday present. That will be a fun addition.)


Anonymous said...

She's so precious...and how sweet of her to wish to serve you treats!

Andi said...

We gave my son this same kitchen for Christmas. His is much messier, but he loves it. Target has a lot of great, fun food sets.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! My how big she has grown!!